For over 13 years, CSIpix has established itself as a global leader specializing exclusively in the development of forensic software. Our software is utilized by over 700 law enforcement agencies worldwide. Moreover, numerous training partners throughout the United States and Canada have successfully trained thousands more officers. These training partners offer a wide range of forensic identification courses suitable for both new recruits and experienced officers.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the training providers mentioned below or if you wish to integrate CSIpix software into your own training program, please feel free to contact us.

Alternatively, if you are a CSIpix user seeking additional training on how to effectively use the software, you can find a wealth of resources on our support page. You may also visit our contact page for direct assistance and guidance on reaching out to us.


USA Trainers and Courses

Courses offered:

FRSC 307: Crime Scene Investigation & Lab

FRSC 359: Physical Methods of Forensic Analysis

FRSC 498: Science of Fingerprints Course (This course is offered as Professional Outreach Training for Practitioners)

Intermediate Analysis of Friction Ridge Skin.

This 40-hour course is offered multiple times a year and is open to practicing professionals.  It is designed to provide the skills for practitioners to successfully perform more complex latent print examinations. CSIpix is used throughout this course so attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops.  If you are not a CSIpix customer, you can download the free trial to use before and during the course.

If you would be interested in taking a CSIpix focused mini course at NJIT, please contact us.


Newark, NJ, USA

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Detective Christopher Senor is the Special State Investigator and Acting County Detective with Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office, NJ.  He is President of the NJ Division of the International Association of Identification.  Christopher provides training in fingerprint analysis using CSIpix.

Future training opportunities will be listed here.

If you are interested in taking a CSIpix focused course with Christopher, please contact us, and we will send you his contact information.


Woodbury, NJ, USA

Detective Adrian Gardner, CLPE uses CSIpix for all of the training she provides. She teaches the CSIpix portion of the New Jersey State Police Crime Scene Investigation course (see below).  She helps many agencies in her region learn how to use CSIpix when they first purchase it.

If you would be interested in taking a CSIpix focused mini course with Adrian, please contact us.


Elizabeth, NJ, USA

New Jersey State Police (NJSP)

Courses offered:

The NJSP Crime Scene Investigation course is taught twice a year in April and September.  It is a 280- hour course that takes place over 7 weeks.  CSIpix is taught as part of the 2-week Fingerprint Identification section of the course.  The course is open to sworn law enforcement officers, crime scene investigators, or any individual responsible with processing crime scenes for their department or agency.


Hamilton, NJ, USA

East Texas Police Academy

Courses offered:

Intermediate Crime Scene

Basic Latent Fingerprint Recognition and ID

Advanced Latent ID and Testimony

Advanced Palm Print Recognition and ID


Kilgore, TX, USA

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Latent Print Techniques

Matthew Pombo is currently employed as a Latent Print Analyst with the California Department of Justice Bureau of Forensic Services. He is an IAI Certified Latent Print Examiner with over twenty years of law enforcement experience. Matthew’s specialties include latent print processing, latent print comparisons, photography, and crime scene investigations.

In 2003, Matthew began his career with the Fresno Police Department. He graduated from the POST certified State Center Regional Training Facility in 2004. After the Academy, Matthew worked as a Crime Scene Technician with the Fresno Police Department, where he was promoted to the position of Crime Scene Supervisor in 2011. When hired by the CA Department of Justice in 2016, Matthew was able to focus more time on latent print processing techniques and has become an expert on vacuum metal deposition.

Matthew has taught latent print processing, vacuum metal deposition, and photography classes to multiple law enforcement agencies over the last six years. He is also currently a member of the DOJ Latent Print Technical Advisory Group.

  • Course name: Latent Print Techniques
  • Course Dates: May 6-10, 2024.  Additional class in fall 2024, dates to be determined.  Hoping to add two classes per year.
  • Course Location(s): Sacramento, CA (California Criminalistics Institute)
  • Who can attend the course.  CCI offers free classes to anyone currently employed by a law enforcement agency or forensic laboratory

Canadian College and University Programs

Canadian Police College (CPC)

Courses offered:

ACE-V Decision Threshold Course.   This course is offered virtually multiple times a year.

The CPC teaches CSIpix as part of the basic forensic identification training and as part of some advanced forensic identification courses for trained officers.  These courses are for Canadian and international police officers.


Ottawa, ON, Canada


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Humber College, Faculty of Social and Community Service

Courses offered:

The only program of its kind in Ontario, the Forensic Identification graduate certificate program provides you with leading-edge forensic knowledge and skills for public and private policing and laboratories.

FID5003: Fingerprint Development and Analysis (Semester 1)

FID5004: Physical Matching (Semester 1)

FID5501: Advanced Friction Ridge Development (Semester 2)

If you would be interested in taking a CSIpix focused mini course at Humber College, please contact us.


Etobicoke, ON, Canada

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Ontario Police College

Courses offered:

Forensic Identification Officer – runs twice a year

Advanced Friction Ridge Analysis Course – runs once a year

These courses are only available to forensic identification officers in Ontario.


Malahide Township, ON, Canada

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Courses offered:

CSIPix is used in 3 courses at The University of Toronto Mississauga campus. All 3 courses are undergraduate courses and are part of the Forensic Science Program. UTM Forensic Science Program is the longest running program of its kind in Canada.

FSC300 – Forensic Identification (Fall semester)

FSC302 – Advanced Forensic Identification (Winter semester)

FSC407 – Forensic Identification Field School (Summer practical/Fall labs * Fall semester)

Contact us if you would like more information about the University of Toronto Mississauga, Forensic Science Program


Department of Forensic Science

Mississauga, ON, Canada

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