CSIpix Case AFIS installs right on your computer in minutes. You just copy images of fingerprints (latent or knowns), palm-prints, or even whole ten-prints into a directory, run the batch to enroll and then search. There is no database and no special formatting is required. You can put all of your ‘usual suspects’ in a directory and do a quick Case AFIS search before going through the process of submitting a latent to a larger regional AFIS. It is a quick way to process elimination prints and it allows you to remove unwanted prints from the directory if required by privacy protocols. When you get a hit from a search, the latent and known prints are displayed with the matching minutia patterns clearly highlighted at the same orientation.

Ideal for quick searches of:

  • ‘Usual’ Suspects
  • Suspects
  • Eliminations
  • Victims

Flexible features and search capabilities:

  • Simply copy finger/palm images to a directory – no complex data entry
  • No database to install
  • Auto minutia detection/enrollment
  • Search with as few as five minutia points
  • 360 degree search or restrict angles
  • With or without level one info
  • Search any image with friction ridges, including ten-print cards, pal,s, fingerprints, and latents
  • Remove elimination prints after searching to accommodate privacy restrictions

Quick and careful comparisons:

  • Compare 1 latent to N knowns
  • Compare 1 latent to N latents
  • Compare 1 known to N latents

For a quick overview of Case AFIS watch our Case AFIS Introduction video or take a look at the brochure.


When you purchase CSIpix Case AFIS you will receive a license number for activation on one PC.

Licenses can be purchased for $5995 US which includes one year of maintenance.

Maintenance can be purchased for $1099 US per year of coverage.

Note: You can move your license to a new computer but you must deactivate the license on the old computer first.


“CSIpix Case AFIS provides a great way to streamline the comparison workflow. Latents can be searched against a group of candidates the examiner chooses, or an individual can be compared against all latents in a specific case.  It can also be used to reduce missed IDs  as a quality assurance step after comparisons” – Owen McDonnell, CLPE, MO Forensics LLC


Search local first.

Quickly find matches by searching an in-house collection of known suspects. Great for eliminations too. You can install Case AFIS right on your computer, copy prints to a directory and search without the need for a database.