System Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium 4
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10

Note: if you open large images (>= 6000 pixels x 6000 pixels) on a regular basis we recommend Windows 10 / 64 Bit

  • RAM: 4.0 Gigabyte
  • Graphics Card: 32-bit color
  • Monitor: 1024 x 768 pixel resolution

We recommend using a mouse with a scroll wheel for easy zoom control.


Maintenance is free for the first year and includes:

  • Phone and e-mail technical support
  • License support
  • All upgrades and updates released during the maintenance term

After the first year, an annual maintenance fee will be invoiced to you. Without the maintenance plan, you will not receive technical support and upgrades must be purchased at the full listing price. Without Maintenance you may loose access to your license if you try to move it to a new computer.

Annual maintenance fees:

  • CSIpix Comparator – $219 US
  • CSIpix Matcher – $439 US
  • CSIpix Case AFIS – $999 US


Although extremely useful, CSIpix Matcher and CSIpix Case AFIS are merely search tools used to assist examiners in locating potentially similar areas of two or more friction ridge impressions. Neither iSYS Corporation nor the CSIpix Matcher or CSIpix Case AFIS software claims or intends in any way that areas of comparison (or lack thereof) indicated by the CSIpix Matcher or CSIpix® Case AFIS should be interpreted by the user as justification for the determination of whether or not a latent friction ridge impression is an individualization, exclusion, or inconclusive in comparison to a second friction ridge impression.

Please note that the determination of one friction ridge impression as being an individualization, exclusion, or inconclusive in comparison to a second friction ridge impression can only be conducted by a competently trained friction ridge examiner.

The terms ‘individualization’, ‘exclusion’, and ‘inconclusive’ are as defined in the SWGFAST Standard Terminology of Friction Ridge Examination (Latent/Ten-print) Ver. 4.1, where SWGFAST is the Scientific Working Group on Friction Ridge Analysis, Study and Technology.


This is a problem that is the result of the CSIpix software being treated as a threat by the network security settings of your browser or your internet security software. Some virus scanners will not trust the CSIpix install executable especially if it is a new release. Please note any security warnings that appear during the download process and follow the prompts to allow the file to be downloaded. If you are unable to download please contact us at and we will assist you. If necessary we will send a physical copy to you.

The manual sometimes gets deleted or blocked by security software because it’s a CHM file and these files can be used to hide Trojan viruses. Look in this folder to see if the manual is still there: C:\Program Files\CSIpix. The manual filename is CSIpix_Comparator_User_Manual.chm. If the file is missing, please contact us and we can email it to you. If the file is still there, it may be blocked. If this is the case, you need to right click on the file and click ‘Unblock’ at the bottom of the Properties Dialog Box.

Please contact if you wish to move the license to a new PC.

This problem is likely caused by the antivirus software or the firewall on your computer deleting the installation file. If possible, temporarily disable the antivirus or firewall software until the installation is complete or try downloading the software to a flash drive. If the problem continues, please contact us and we will arrange to have a demo sent to you.

If you’re still seeing the error message, please contact us for additional assistance.

CSIpix can be purchased with a credit card securely on this website using Stripe. Click “Buy Now” in the top menu, the “Pay Online” button and follow the instructions.

The Norton Sonar option will sometimes remove files that it does not recognize. You can either temporarily disable Norton AntiVirus or temporarily disable Sonar by selecting it from the settings menu. Next, download the trial again and install the software. You can then enable the Norton protection.

This error is caused by not having sufficient user privileges. It is necessary that the user be logged onto the computer with Administrator Privileges while installing the demo.

This error is caused when the license number you are trying to use has already been used. This most often occurs when you have changed computers without de-activating the software on the old PC.