Matcher is a powerful tool that adds automated minutia pattern searching to our Comparator software. Perform in-depth, automated searches between a latent print and a known palmprint, fingerprint or even a full tenprint. It’s especially effective for searching known palms. The Matcher assists examiners by highlighting regions on the known tenprint or palm that match the latent minutia pattern. The latent print is also rotated appropriately so it lines up with the matching region of the known print.

Latent search features:

  • Exhaustive search
  • Search with as few as four minutia points
  • Ideal for palms
  • 360 degree search or restrict angles
  • Rotates latent appropriately
  • Matches are highlighted distinctly
  • Automated minutia detection
  • Save minutia data

For a quick overview of CSIpix Matcher watch our CSIpix Matcher Introduction video or take a look at the brochure.


When you purchase CSIpix Matcher you will receive a license number to activate CSIpix Matcher on one PC.

Licenses can be purchased for $2495 US which includes one year of maintenance.

Maintenance can be purchased for $499 US per year of coverage .

Note: You can move your license to a new computer, but you must deactivate the license on the old computer first.


“I wanted to say that CSIpix Matcher is an amazing system. It is easy to learn, runs on your PC and is such a valuable tool to assist not only a latent examiner but other forensic disciplines.

When you have a difficult latent, especially a palm print, it will save valuable time.

All you have to do is verify that none of the return possibilities are or are not an identification. I have found it is a great way also to double check my results or the work of other examiners. It gives me the satisfaction of knowing each case is worked more thoroughly and a potential identification has not been missed.

It will search partial prints, prints with minimal minutia, and will show you the orientation on both the latent and elimination card.

CSIpix is always available for support if you have a question or need technical support.” –  Lt. M. Dawn Watkins Palm Beach Gardens Police Department Senior Latent Fingerprint Examiner-CSI 111

“CSIpix Matcher searches partial latents 1:1 against known finger or palm print impressions, using as few as four minutia details. It speeds up searches of small latent impressions and provides possible orientation and location of the latent on your suspects, especially when searching palms,” – Owen McDonnell, CLPE, CSCSA, CTPE Shreveport, LA

“We have CSIpix Matcher on two computers. The program is easy to learn and use. We especially like displaying the images directly side by side. We use the program for the more difficult latents. I use CSIpix to import latents into AFIS too.”- Gayle Graves, Latent Fingerprint Technician, Salinas Police Department, California


Latent prints have met their match.

Matcher is a powerful tool that adds automated minutia pattern searching to Comparator. Perform in-depth, automated searches between a latent print and a known palmprint or tenprint.